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Neck Pain: The neck is composed of vertebrae that begin in the upper torso and end at the base of the skull. The bony vertebrae along with the rubber band like ligaments and muscles provide support for the weight of the head. They also provide stability and motion to the head and rest of spine. This makes us vulnerable to neck injury and neck disorders because it is not as protected as the rest of the spine. Neck pain may be a temporary condition that disappears with time or an ongoing discomfort.In some cases neck problems may be the source of pain in the upper back, shoulders, or arms. A "rear end" automobile collision may result in hyper-extension, a backward motion of the neck beyond normal limits, or hyperflexion, a forward motion of the neck beyond normal limits.

Back pain affects over 70% of Americans at some time in their lives. It is defined as lower back pain, middle back pain, or upper back pain. Common back pain causes include nerve problems and muscular problems, degenerative disc (disk ) disease, and arthritis. home

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Call or visit a leading Tampa Bay Chiropractor, Dr Dan Durrieu and spend as little as 15 minutes on the phone or in his office to learn about the Chiropractic alternative to taking drugs or costly surgery that may do little to alleviate your pain. Dr. Dan is your Tampa Chiropractor who continues to successfully treat neck pain and back pain. Get back to a healthy life! Come check us out. Family Health Chiropractic Center has been caring for Tampa Bay patients for over a decade. home


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